The Seminar

The greatest future of all time!

(… let‘s make it ourselves)

AFRAID OF THE FUTURE? Nobody needs to be afraid of the future! It is even so: “The greatest future of all times”, we can create ourselves – only if we wait, we must take what it leaves us.

Starting today, digitization will transform our entire everyday life within the next 5-15 years. City centres can be more lively again. Villages have the chance to grow again, because more and more people will want to move to rural areas. New digital metropolises can emerge in places that nobody thought possible. New business models will positively change the way we work and live. We will be better healthy, eat better and enjoy more joie de vivre. Of course, all this does not work automatically, but only if we do something about it.

Future does not just come – it is made. And it is made by us. We are not at its mercy, but can actively shape it in our own interest. For ourselves or for our company: “Everyone can have a future!”

However, we can only shape our future, no matter how far away it may be, in one single moment: now! Because only “now” we can act. Not tomorrow, not yesterday: now. That we act is again decisive.

But in order for us to be able to act, we need to know exactly what our future will and should look like. What is even possible? This is one of the key points that distinguishes this seminar from many others: You will gain so much knowledge about the future that you will be able to define your own perspective on it in a meaningful way.

Learn how to create your own greatest future ever!

  • You learn to define clear perspectives for your future.
  • After this workshop you will be able to implement them.
  • You know how to think differently in order to shape the future, which in contrast to industrialisation follows different principles, in your own interest.

Target group

The seminar can be booked for different target groups and is individually adapted. It can also be adapted according to company sectors or regions, according to life focus or age structures. For companies and organizations there is even the possibility to respond to the individual enterprise. The basic target groups are all people from

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Organisations
  • Regions

For the different target groups here is a selection of possible further learning outcomes:

Companies, organisations learn in particular:

  • Networking your company with current topics of the future.
  • Business models that develop forward-looking perspectives and exploit new opportunities.
  • More attractive for applicants, customers and suppliers through forward-looking structures.

Regions learn in particular:

  • More attractive for all stakeholder groups, young and older population, economy, capital and culture
  • Greater international recognition through easier access to other future regions.
  • More positive development curve in the long term, higher satisfaction in the overall population.

Every participant learns for himself:

  • Lose your fear of the future and become a shaper of the future.
  • Discover unimagined/unused potential.
  • A new form of zest for life.

The seminar is divided into two parts:

Part one – general part

In this part Max Thinius presents the future in clear scenarios. And he sheds light on the scientific side behind this major topic in a way that is easy to understand. Various parts of the presentation alternate with discussions with the audience. You can also ask questions. Everything you always wanted to know about the future. The topics:

  1. What is the future anyway?
  2. How is the future created?
  3. How will our future look like?
  4. In what way “thinks future” differently than we think today?

You get a comprehensive picture of the future. And in clear scenarios. No technical blah-blah or any uptopia or distopia. Quite clearly: this is what the future will look like. In pictures, stories and contexts. The goal is for you to develop your own sensitivity and to recognize which topics will develop in your environment in the future.

Part two – your personal part

In this part they experience, in a mixture of short impulses and guided exercises/workshops.

  1. How can I influence the future?
  2. How do I find my future?
  3. How do I achieve my future?
  4. The recipe for the greatest future ever.

The aim of this part is to activate your knowledge from the first part. Therefore we do exercises and have workshop parts. In the group and alone. You learn how to define the right vision for your future. And how to act so that this future is fulfilled for you. At the end you will get the recipe with which you can create the future from now on.

Seminar – 1 day (6-8 hours including breaks)

Who wants to create his own greatest future of all times:

Or via VoiceBox +49 30 6130 90 42

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The seminar is led by Max Thinius himself.

Max Thinius – Futurologist, bestselling author, moderator, is considered one of Europe’s leading futurologists with a focus on society, sustainability, business and trade.

With him as seminar designer you can expect great stories, visions, driving images and integral interactions. Please do NOT expect PowerPoint charts full of numbers, as Max believes that stories and interactions are the much better way to convey great content.

Max publishes in many public media, is a guest on the scientific advisory council of the German government (there with the topic of how quality of life can be created through digitalization), advises companies (DAX to medium-sized businesses) as well as regions and organizations (associations) in the transition to digital models of the future.

Max Thinius is also known through the famous London Speaker Bureau

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