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Do you want to work on a new innovation or further develop certain processes? Sometimes an impulse can be enough. For example, in a presentation that on the one hand covers the whole range of digitisation and future possibilities in an entertaining and tangible way (for everyone), but on the other hand also enters into the branch- or region-specific topic. As a rule, this accelerates the creative processes or makes people who are sometimes not used to be creative at the push of a button think in a new way. Contact Max


Different teams are working on different new solutions. These can be presented and evaluated again and again via webinar technology within a fixed time frame. Why? Because the creative input is multiplied in this way. Half an hour of presentation and half an hour of discussion or further development are often enough to address the whole range of possibilities the future offers with the employees. If necessary, ideas for further development can be formulated and coordinated afterwards. Contact Max

Strategy evaluation

There is a strategy in the company. Either a fixed strategy or a lived one. Does it still match the development in the market and in international comparison? Just take the health industry: here the market is developing from “treating” to “preventive” solutions – but this is changing the entire market and the business models that function within it. The problem Strategies, whether established or lived, are long-term oriented. And that is actually a good thing, because they describe many basic skills of the company and facilitate many daily processes, because they are created on the basis of a clear orientation. However, in a phase like digitisation, it may be necessary to adapt your strategy. Many companies do so, but out of ignorance of future “real” developments (i.e. the cross-sectoral development of society as a whole – and not the apocalyptic promises of many consulting firms) they leave their own authenticity behind and enter into a dependency, either on new technology or on investments. The solution A strategy evaluation shows you whether your strategy (company, …

Future and Project Advisory Board

To shape and maintain the own company, the region, in a long-term sustainable way. And, above all, to empower your own employees to do this “themselves” and thus to move the company. The problem Most innovations are linear. That means: from the record to the CD. But digitalization has made “Spotify” possible. And music is now no longer sold via CD stores, but by telecommunications companies and app platforms. So you have to rethink and move closer to other industries to recognize new visions of the future for your own business. Many companies bring start-ups into the company or cooperate with them. This is one way to get ahead, but often leads to a loss of authenticity towards existing employees – moreover, their longstanding know-how is not used. The solutuion A future/project advisory board that looks into specific projects or the overall development of the company at irregular intervals and compares them with future opportunities. The exchange and involvement of employees to steer their potential into the future. For certain problems, specialists from individual sectors …