Strategy evaluation

There is a strategy in the company. Either a fixed strategy or a lived one. Does it still match the development in the market and in international comparison?

Just take the health industry: here the market is developing from “treating” to “preventive” solutions – but this is changing the entire market and the business models that function within it.

The problem

  • Strategies, whether established or lived, are long-term oriented. And that is actually a good thing, because they describe many basic skills of the company and facilitate many daily processes, because they are created on the basis of a clear orientation.
  • However, in a phase like digitisation, it may be necessary to adapt your strategy. Many companies do so, but out of ignorance of future “real” developments (i.e. the cross-sectoral development of society as a whole – and not the apocalyptic promises of many consulting firms) they leave their own authenticity behind and enter into a dependency, either on new technology or on investments.

The solution

  • A strategy evaluation shows you whether your strategy (company, product line, etc.) is the right one for the future. It gives them the opportunity to develop direct action parameters.
  • And we adapt them together with the know-how of your company to the current future development.

The outcome

  • You receive a current strategy developed from within your company and, since you and your employees are integrated, the ability for future sharpened strategy analysis.

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