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Futurology creates added value for life!

Together with the Schufa magazine “Wegbereiter” we thought about how we could make the possibilities of digitalization visible and thus create added value in life through futurology – and wrote an article about it: “The future is not coming. We are shaping it!” Here are a few basic thoughts about our future. The link to the online version of the magazine can be found below. We encounter a lot of new things. This is fascinating on the one hand, but on the other hand it arouses fears. Especially since we rarely look at the holistic picture. We look at a detail. A part of everyday life or economy that concerns us. That is per thousand compared to what is changing. Futurology makes the future visible! Futurologists show the whole picture. And they show how the individual company, the region, the city or person is networked within it. All of a sudden, connections become clear and fears of the future are transformed into future opportunities. Because yes, over 80% of our everyday life will change. However, …

What makes a futurologist different from a future-researcher?

Max Thinius – Futurologist and Future Shaper Max Thinius is regarded as Europe’s leading futurologist and designer of the future. Besides his work as a consultant for companies, cities, regions and people, he gives many lectures, is a moderator and bestselling author. Many companies and people today are faced with major considerations for the future. Somehow everything does not fit together anymore. The whole world is changing. In fact, about 80% of our everyday life is changing in our private and business environment. These changes determine all structures in the newly forming social order. In the future we will live differently, work differently, shape the economy differently. Futurology makes the future visible Futurologists design positive models and scenarios for the future. To do so, they break away from purely scientific predictions with which trends can only be statistically extrapolated. Compared to future-researchers, futurologists think holistically and include various parameters. Max Thinius researches and works on topics ranging from digitalization, social development, economy, financial market, urban and regional development, to health, nutrition, education and politics. From …

WUNDERKAMMER DER ZUKUNFT – Regions and their perspectives.

The WUNDERKAMMER DER ZUKUNFT is one of the most exciting development projects for FUTURE in GERMANY. Exciting, because it is here that the development of society, the environment, visions, everyday life and work worth living and working in the Lüdenscheid Museum are collected from the past to the future and made accessible to the public. What will the city of the future look like? How relevant will cities like Lüdenscheid be in the future (note: very!!!)? What will our everyday life look like then? How do we network with the rest of the world, Germany, Europe, Asia, Africa and America? How can new centres for innovation in business, society, culture and education be created in a city like Lüdenscheid? IMPORTANT DABEI: We can change our future! It doesn’t just happen. We have the freedom to shape it. If we are aware of the new opportunities offered by digitization, every region can create a new quality of life for itself, for the people who live there and who will certainly want to live there in the …

The future interviews differently

We are not making any progress in the digital future with our current industrial thinking. We have to rethink, initiate new educational ideas, change ourselves and thus the world. Then we can have a new prospective future. And we have to develop more humour for our world and our everyday life again. Interview with Nico Gutjahr on the Webtalkshow. Who is looking for new ideas for the future: Oder via SprachBox +49 30 6130 90 41 Max Thinius is also known through the famous London Speaker Bureau

The future thinks differently

Starting today, digitization will transform our entire everyday life within the next 5-15 years. City centres will look different. Villages and smaller towns will have the chance to grow again, as more and more people will want to move to rural areas or small-/midsized towns. New digital metropolises may emerge in places that nobody thought possible. Of course, all this does not work automatically, but only if you do something about it. First of all, it is important to remember that the future thinks differently! Our industrial way of thinking is only making limited progress, and above all we are leaving many opportunities and possibilities out of the equation from the outset. This is all the more important because over 80% of our everyday life will change. That is again over 80% chances to improve it. You can’t do that with your head in the sand. But with networking of possibilities, of business, science, society, politics and their joint innovation. So let us concern ourselves with the new quality of life that digitization can bring …

The future lives differently!

Do you still live in the present or already in the future? How will we live in the future, how are we mobile, how will urban and rural structures develop, whole regions and the habits of the people living there? Yes, how will we live? How will our life, our education and our everyday life be structured? Co-Working has become a kind of fashion. One imagines rooms that one rents temporarily. And of course there’s a table football and good coffee. But it’s actually much more than that. There is a deeply developed structure behind good co-working. And not only with a wide range of office services. There are co-working spaces for specific industries. For example, food start-ups settle in a space … right through to legal advice and the mediation of investors, and in the meantime support in company building has also become part of this. In this way, completely new constructs are created, which in their entirety are suddenly larger than existing market sizes. And we are not only talking about the so-called …

The next big thing in online commerce – food!

How does LEOH (the food retail online trade) work? Experience insights on how to establish a new category in retail. How do you get the idea to establish an online supermarket? What are the hurdles that stand in your way? How do you achieve a veritable learning curve among consumers, society, the media public? What are the key factors that make LEOH successful. And, oh yes, how does an online supermarket like this actually work in everyday life and what potential is there in business models and convenience for manufacturers, consumers and society in general? Many! Keynote / show – 45/90/120 min Contact Max // +49 30 6130 90 41

Future 4.0 – how future changes our everyday life!

Don’t be afraid of the future! Probably the most entertaining insight into the future, understandable for everyone. Max explains how the future actually works, why we sometimes panic (but don’t have to) and who actually shapes our future. He takes a trip into the world of intelligent refrigerators, new health care systems, smart technologies, self-driving cars in smart cities and wondrous developments promised for our smart everyday lives. He brings all this “smartness” together in an understandable way and shows us why the digital revolution will not overwhelm us in the end, but rather why it offers us all prospective opportunities. Keynote / Show – 90/120 min Thanks to SPRECHERHAUS® Nadin Buschhaus for the photo

E-Commerce will change it all

From the service society to the life society Trade has always been a major driver of people. Once upon a time, settlements at crossroads developed which became cities. Networking! Crossroads are everywhere today. So is networking. And trade. Even without cities. E-commerce is possible everywhere. And just as supermarkets have changed society, so will e-commerce. There are many prejudices – from the isolation of city centres to the couch potato. But are they true? Discover prospective opportunities and new business models, such as potential for the healthy development of civil society, businesses, cities and communities – even those that until recently you thought were outdated or without a chance. It’s a bit like when the steam engine was introduced. Everyone thought: that’s what’s going to put us out of work. The turnaround brought about by the engines led to more prosperity than ever. Keynote / show – 45/90 min Contact Max // +49 30 6130 90 41

Max Thinius

Max Thinius // Futurologist About Max Max Thinius is regarded as Europe’s leading futurologist and creator of the future. In addition to his work as a consultant for people, companies and regions, he is a moderator and bestselling author. Max’s product is: to create your own freedom. According to your own possibilities and ideas. Because the future doesn’t come, it is created – by ourselves. It is important to look at the future holistically, including the individual person or organization, instead of just dealing with trends or visions. One of the greatest feelings of freedom is: to recognize how one can shape one’s own future. Max publishes in many public media, was often a guest in the scientific advisory board of the German government, advises people and companies (DAX to medium-sized businesses) as well as regions and organizations (associations) in actively shaping their own future. Contact Max Via VoiceBox: +49 30 6130 90 41 References Max Thinius Business: Axel Springer, AllyouneedFresh, BioCompany, Burda, Chupa-Chups, Coca-Cola, Christ Juweliere, Diageo, Deutsche Post, Douglas Holding, Dow, Heineken, …