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Max Thinius

Max Thinius // Futurologist

About Max

Max Thinius is regarded as Europe’s leading futurologist and creator of the future. In addition to his work as a consultant for people, companies and regions, he is a moderator and bestselling author.

Max’s product is: to create your own freedom. According to your own possibilities and ideas. Because the future doesn’t come, it is created – by ourselves. It is important to look at the future holistically, including the individual person or organization, instead of just dealing with trends or visions.

One of the greatest feelings of freedom is: to recognize how one can shape one’s own future.

Max publishes in many public media, was often a guest in the scientific advisory board of the German government, advises people and companies (DAX to medium-sized businesses) as well as regions and organizations (associations) in actively shaping their own future.

Contact Max


Via VoiceBox: +49 30 6130 90 41

References Max Thinius

Business: Axel Springer, AllyouneedFresh, BioCompany, Burda, Chupa-Chups, Coca-Cola, Christ Juweliere, Diageo, Deutsche Post, Douglas Holding, Dow, Heineken, GASAG, Lufthansa, MAMA AG, Mercedes Benz, Merck Pharma, MLP, PWC, STEAG, Sparkassen, Togal-Werk-AG, Vattenfall, Voeslauer, Volkswagen.

Politics: Bitkom, Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland e.V. (bevh), Deutscher Bauernverband, Forum nachhaltige Geldanlagen, BMWi, Wissenschaftlicher Beirat der Bundesregierung, UVWM – Unternehmensverband Westfalen Mitte, Konzernrepräsentanz der Deutschen Post, VFI – Verband der Fertigwarenimporteure.

Institutions: Schule im Aufbruch, Rock it Biz – Stiftungsgesellschaft für Unternehmertum, Deutsche Umweltstiftung, Earthrise Foundation, IMK – Institut für Marketing und Kommunikation, Freie Universität Berlin, Universität St. Gallen, Die Tafel, Miami Ad School, Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg, Wirtschaftsförderung Düsseldorf, Mitglied im Rat der Gesellschaft.

Comments on Max shows

“That was the best, most comprehensive and insightful talk I have ever heard on the subject of the future.”

Dr. Luling Lo / Uni Bremen, Lehrstuhl Logistik

“He is one of Germany’s most famous futurologists.”

BILD online

“Pretty cool performance yesterday – Merci!”

Ute Welty / Moderatorin, Journalistin

“At last a sound and positive contribution to the topic of digitization and the future.”

Petra Ohlmeyer / Wesco

“Super keynote!”

Uwe Riechel / Regional Director Fashion Europe bei Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

“This ranges from enthusiasm to euphoria!”

Dr. Michael Arretz / VFI – Verband der Fertigwarenimporteure

“Thank you – your lecture makes me feel good about the future.”

Hans Martin Pleiss / ABN AMRO

“Your lecture has given me much to think about in a positive sense.”

Jens Kaß / Geschäftsführer C. Mackprang jr. GmbH & CO. KG

“It’s always impressive to listen to!”

Julia Miosga / Bitkom

Photo by Hendrik Haase

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