Mobile into the future of real estate

The Real Estate Innovation Summit 2018 of Feldhoff & Cie in Frankfurt shows how mobile the best in the real estate industry already think. Actually, it is quite clear: A property is an investment in the future – for 20, 50, 80, 100 and more years. And not only in real estate, but also in the structure of our society, how we live, work and keep ourselves healthy. Real estate forms the framework of the society into which we define our quality of life.

At this summit in Frankfurt I asked the following question: What are the 1-3 burning issues of the future?

A good 50% of the proposed topics are in the direction of sustainability, social peace and general quality of life. Around 25% focus on concrete topics such as work, everyday life and education. A further 25% put forward concrete topics on the development of the real estate industry. Which is logical, of course. But here, too, a very mobile, open-minded way of thinking can be seen, which is oriented towards the basic ideas of a future in the digital age.

The issues raised are accompanied by a few explanations and correlations in the video shown here. They are certainly not a complete picture of the future, but even so, it already shows us the complex environment we are moving into, especially in the area of real estate, but also how many design possibilities we have. To the new mobility in the real estate market of the future.

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