Digitisation of a region: Olsberg, Brilon, Meschede

What always excites me in South Westphalia is the openness and curiosity with which people approach the topic of digitisation – they look at the opportunities and try to eliminate the risks together. That is great! And right, very important: Digitization WITH THE PEOPLE. Here you try to take everyone along, explain it and look for opportunities, may build your own networks from time to time. Really an example region for digitization.

Here is a short contribution by Prof. Dr. Ewald Mittelstädt – at the Fachhochschule Südwestfalen in Meschede he is one of the most innovative teachers in Germany – for entrepreneurship:

Digital competence landscape Olsberg & region

Yesterday the cities of Brilon and Olsberg invited to Olsberg to forge the future of the region together with the futurologist Max Thinius. Digitisation offers new opportunities for South Westphalia and due to its excellent structure, the region was chosen as the digital example region for Europe. Since the topic of digitisation is of great importance, observations are no longer sufficient. Companies must integrate themselves, because only those who participate can also profit. South Westphalia offers many opportunities that are just waiting to be fully exploited. The aim is to move together towards the future. Accordingly, the region worked in groups yesterday on possible solutions to successfully create a digital competence landscape for the region.

Many thanks to Max Thinius, Matthias Röhring of Stratmann Städtereinigung GmbH & Co. KG, City of Brilon, Olsberg GmbH, REMBE Kersting GmbH, Oventrop International and Witteler Automobile.

We are looking forward to the future!

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