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The future lives differently!

Do you still live in the present or already in the future? How will we live in the future, how are we mobile, how will urban and rural structures develop, whole regions and the habits of the people living there? Yes, how will we live? How will our life, our education and our everyday life be structured? Co-Working has become a kind of fashion. One imagines rooms that one rents temporarily. And of course there’s a table football and good coffee. But it’s actually much more than that. There is a deeply developed structure behind good co-working. And not only with a wide range of office services. There are co-working spaces for specific industries. For example, food start-ups settle in a space … right through to legal advice and the mediation of investors, and in the meantime support in company building has also become part of this. In this way, completely new constructs are created, which in their entirety are suddenly larger than existing market sizes. And we are not only talking about the so-called …

E-Commerce will change it all

From the service society to the life society Trade has always been a major driver of people. Once upon a time, settlements at crossroads developed which became cities. Networking! Crossroads are everywhere today. So is networking. And trade. Even without cities. E-commerce is possible everywhere. And just as supermarkets have changed society, so will e-commerce. There are many prejudices – from the isolation of city centres to the couch potato. But are they true? Discover prospective opportunities and new business models, such as potential for the healthy development of civil society, businesses, cities and communities – even those that until recently you thought were outdated or without a chance. It’s a bit like when the steam engine was introduced. Everyone thought: that’s what’s going to put us out of work. The turnaround brought about by the engines led to more prosperity than ever. Keynote / show – 45/90 min Contact Max // +49 30 6130 90 41

A day in the future

To be very specific: what does a day in the future look like? Seven or 15 years from now. From getting up, through the day, into bed. What does a person experience? Which technology will he use? What skills will he need? How will social, economic and political conditions change? One cannot dive more concretely into the future: especially not in such a comparable way. Because everything is structured around a concrete daily routine, you can directly compare all new findings with your own everyday life and draw conclusions. And to make it even easier, you can experience this lecture with different focal points. All of them are based on a fundamental scenario of social development. Industry focus can be: General everyday life, agriculture, automotive, education, finance, society, commerce in general (online, offline), real estate, consumer goods industry, food, ministries, fashion, NewWork, politics, regions, urban development, telecommunications, entrepreneurship, business in general, and more are possible. Keynote / Show – 60 min Requests to Max as speaker or moderator Via VoiceBox: +49 30 6130 90 41 …