A day in the future

To be very specific: what does a day in the future look like? Seven or 15 years from now. From getting up, through the day, into bed. What does a person experience? Which technology will he use? What skills will he need? How will social, economic and political conditions change?

One cannot dive more concretely into the future: especially not in such a comparable way. Because everything is structured around a concrete daily routine, you can directly compare all new findings with your own everyday life and draw conclusions.

And to make it even easier, you can experience this lecture with different focal points. All of them are based on a fundamental scenario of social development.

Industry focus can be:

General everyday life, agriculture, automotive, education, finance, society, commerce in general (online, offline), real estate, consumer goods industry, food, ministries, fashion, NewWork, politics, regions, urban development, telecommunications, entrepreneurship, business in general, and more are possible.

Keynote / Show – 60 min

Requests to Max as speaker or moderator

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