From hipster to gentleman/woman – the future becomes gentle.

We will continue to develop. From hipster to gentleman to gentlewoman. Certainly also to Gentledivers, but let’s not open the discussion here!

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Hipsters have changed the world – Gentleman/woman will restructure it

Hipsters have an important task at the end of the industrial era: Through their unconventional views, experimental new structures in work and private life, and usually high values, they have moderated the transition from industrialization to digitization. This also includes a new way of thinking. For the digital structures are different from those in industrialisation. Industrialisation was based on efficiency, which is why metropolises and large companies and production processes have also emerged. The digital world rather offers trial-and-error possibilities, because you can often try something out very quickly with a little lever. This requires a new way of thinking and, above all, a breaking open of old thinking structures. We owe a lot to the absolute nonconformism of hipsters.

Only if we rethink will we redesign the future.

You showed us how to do “different”. Especially in the topic New-Work and New-Living hipsters will accompany us for a while. After all, they are not least responsible for the craft and maker movements and bring us into contact with new banking and currency systems.

New structures need people who establish them with new thinking

On the other hand, the digital era also needs a structure. We need a kind of “traffic rules”. As in the case of the car, which was introduced at the beginning of industrialization and without rules that were known on the side of the driver as well as the pedestrian, has caused more uproar than progress. Here the nonconformism of hipsters is counterproductive. This is where the gentleman and the gentlewoman come in. However, not in the classic version in English tweed, but in version 4.0.

Sustainability, values, ethics and appreciation – the most important ingredients for the future.

The classic “gentle values” remain: a high level of ethics, attentive, friendly interaction with the environment, commitment, chivalry, sustainable considerations, today we speak more of “awareness of consequences” and friendliness in general. Naturally adapted to modern times. So today it is no longer about clay pigeon shooting and luxury cars, but about yoga, relaxed jogging and the transformation of cities into livable ecosystems. The gentleman and gentlewoman of today ride bicycles, e-bikes and represent alternative traffic concepts.

In contrast to the hipsters, however, they build on sustainable structures that innovate but do not continuously disrupt them, i.e. they do not destroy them in order to rebuild them, they develop as organically as possible. They bring calm and reason and a sense of proportion in implementation to the fast digital times. Their focus of innovation is less on the new technology than on the quality of life of all people, the overall social prosperity.

We need new perspectives for people – without perspectives nobody will shape the future.

In this way, gentleman and gentlewoman will ensure that the restlessness and anxiety from society slowly disappears again, that right-wing tendencies become moderate structures again. They will see to it that people get a perspective again. Because clearly, without one, they only look after themselves. Only with a perspective can people get back into the overall social development and commit themselves to something other than just themselves.

So we are currently in transition from the hipster era to the gentleman and gentlewoman era. Both work hand in hand and complement each other well. And it cannot be ruled out that hipsters will become gentlemen and gentlewomen. In doing so they will also develop a new style. Also fashionable. So something will change in the coming years, the public scene will change.

Which, by the way, is nothing fundamentally new: the two basic types of hipster and gentleman have historically alternated again and again. So the hipsters used to be the hippies. It is important to understand that our society benefits from the interplay between the two types, renews itself and rebuilds stability and prosperity. We are now at the beginning of this period of prosperity, stimulated by the hipsters and increasingly developed by gentleman and gentlewoman.

The photo shows Ato C. Yankah jr., gentleman blogger and nephew of Kofi Annan, together with me, Max. Shot by the incredible Leon Bijelic

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