Machines to power!

For my dear colleagues Friedrich & Weik, I have written an important chapter in their new bestseller as a guest author. – and made a lecture out of it.

We live here on this planet for thousands of years and all of a sudden machines come, say they have artificial intelligence and take over! Is that so? Or are machines perhaps even necessary so that we humans can continue to live on this planet for thousands of years?

Can we even do without machines? The new complexity of the world. Can we still absorb it without support? We use algorithms from Facebook, Amazon, Google and others as a matter of course. But no one is asking themselves the question: shouldn’t we actually have a right to our own personal algorithm? An algorithm that advises us in everyday life? An algorithm that at least reads our intentions and can therefore advise us better than an algorithm that only wants to sell?

Should politicians perhaps be replaced by machines? Perhaps because they no longer have an overview of the complexity of legal texts and prefer to consult an artificial intelligence machine that compares all the legal texts in the world with a new law in a fraction of a second? A machine that can do without lobbyists – and if so, what about the algorithm?

The new engines can do much more than the steam engines of the past. Not only can they replace our physical work and create more precision, they can also do the mental work for us. This will change the way we deal with them dramatically. And the structure of our society, economy, even art and culture, right down to our view of the spiritual.

About 80% of our everyday life will change due to digitalization. These are 80% chances to improve our quality of life!


How we in our society best deal with these new machines, why the elite is against them and how we get them on board and create new perspectives for people, cities, villages and what our everyday life will look like – you can either read about it in this fantastic book or live on stage directly from Max!

The book is available as e-book everywhere, at Amazon and directly from the authors at: – it costs 20€ (German only)

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