With Deutsche Bahn into the future

I don’t mind admitting it: I take the train. A lot. I’d like that. Right now, for example: just before Hannover, with a wonderful view of an avenue between fields. I can think well. About the future, about our life 4.0. And again and again I notice how big the difference between fiction and truth is in this topic.

What is important: we need to talk about the future. And the possibilities that lie ahead. The opportunities. The prospects. These are far more than the risks. Yet they dominate the discussion. There is a great variety of positive possibilities: in everyday life, health, ageing, economy, justice – but we can only make use of all these great opportunities if we deal with them. Otherwise others will do so. And they serve us ready-made solutions. Whether they suit us then or not.

So it’s better to think for yourself and look positively into the future – and do so. Just do it. I have not only thought a few short inspirations “in” the railway, but also “for” the railway. Positive, with perspective – of course. Have fun.

For those who are very impatient: from second 60 on we start.

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