Feared of digital money?

Most people in Germany love cash. 88%, to be exact, prefer to pay cash rather than by card. Only from amounts of 50€ upwards does the cashless willingness to pay increase. But will we still be able to pay with cash in the future? Or will we even need a digital currency (colloquially called crypto currency)?

Sweden has set itself the target of no longer accepting cash from the 2030s onwards. Digital money is not yet that, just the cashless form of today’s currency. Real digital money works completely differently. And here most people are still afraid today. At least worry or incomprehension.

Digital currency could offer new perspectives for fair global coexistence. Incidentally, it would not even have to be traceable, which is the biggest concern of cash fans.

The other way round: CAN there even be a future for the economy and society without digital money? In the interview with the Wirtschaftswerkstatt you will find a few thoughts that shed light on the various perspectives and opportunities.

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