WUNDERKAMMER DER ZUKUNFT – Regions and their perspectives.

The WUNDERKAMMER DER ZUKUNFT is one of the most exciting development projects for FUTURE in GERMANY. Exciting, because it is here that the development of society, the environment, visions, everyday life and work worth living and working in the Lüdenscheid Museum are collected from the past to the future and made accessible to the public.

What will the city of the future look like? How relevant will cities like Lüdenscheid be in the future (note: very!!!)? What will our everyday life look like then? How do we network with the rest of the world, Germany, Europe, Asia, Africa and America? How can new centres for innovation in business, society, culture and education be created in a city like Lüdenscheid?

IMPORTANT DABEI: We can change our future! It doesn’t just happen. We have the freedom to shape it. If we are aware of the new opportunities offered by digitization, every region can create a new quality of life for itself, for the people who live there and who will certainly want to live there in the future. Especially small and medium-sized cities will benefit from digitization – if they think differently!

One part of the project will answer questions about the future: “What would you ask the future if it could answer! The questions arose at the time of Corona, but are formulated far beyond that. People move the future. The WONDERCHAMBER OF THE FUTURE manages to bring this future close to the people.

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If you want to know more about the future and, above all, how regions, small, medium and large cities can develop positively in this digital era, it is best to ask for more.

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